Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Return to the Big Ideas Blog

I actually created a new Big Ideas Blog but I wasn't very happy with it and no one visited it so it died a short painless death. I thought I would recreate myself and disassociate myself from this old blog but I'm back. I got a note a from Megan Simmons, who I like and appreciate, saying where are the pictures, the videos, the blogs from Big Ideas. So I am going back in time. The year ended with my commuter stolen and my lovely and expensive orange harddrive is corrupted somehow so that whole time machine process didn't work. I wanted to abandon this blog because I thought it got depressing and here I go. Final thought on the 2010 Big Ideas, it was super inspiring and had a huge effect on me but a lot of things I tried to do didn't work out. I took a lot of great things from it however. I changed schools and I am not on any committees. Now I implement things in my classroom and rely on a sort of low key approach and it is actually working. Anyway, next blog returns to what happened this year.

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